A Smarter System for Educational and Professional Assessment is a comprehensive ecosystem for educational assessment and professional testing, designed to improve test reliability and your team’s efficiency with modern psychometrics and AI.

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Leverage modern psychometrics like tech-enhanced items, item response theory, and adaptive testing. makes it easier to develop and deliver exams that are efficient and engaging.

Backed by the unmatched 50 years of experience in eAssessment, IRT, and CAT from Assessment Systems Corporation.

Develop exams more efficiently

  • Increase item bank size with automated item generation.
  • Directly author better items in a collaborative platform.
  • Tag items onto any blueprints/standards you upload.
  • Manage SME review with custom kanban workflow.
  • Automate the assembly of your assessments.
  • Maintain security with role & content access.

Deliver exams more effectively

  • Engage examinees with 50+ item types.
  • Improve precision with item response theory.
  • Deliver securely with passcodes, randomization, and lockdown browser.
  • Track progress with real-time dashboard.
  • Easily export scores and response data for analysis & reporting.

Automate your psychometric reporting with Iteman

  • Automatically draft a report in Word rather than wasting time with copy & paste.
  • Comprehensive test and reliability statistics.
  • Poorly performing items are automatically flagged for you.
  • Review item performance with quantile plots.
  • Diagnose problem items with option statistics.

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A free license to provides professional-level item banking and test development to small organizations.

  • Item authoring with 52 item types
  • Item review with customized workflow
  • Automated item generation
  • Asset/Multimedia management
  • Item metadata such as psychometric statistics
  • User-friendly test assembly with no limit on number of forms
  • Unlimited printing to paper or exporting of test forms
  • Access to examinee management and test publishing
  • 20 test credits to explore delivery of the 52 item types
  • Iteman, our industry-leading platform for classical psychometric analysis

The free tier is limited to 1 user and 500 items, and the Iteman module is limited to 100 students per dataset. You can upgrade to remove either limit at any time, or simply continue using the free version.

Automated scoring and results

Proactively transform client-based synergy without future-proof web-readiness. Continually implement principle-centered benefits and empowered niches.

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Pricing Plans: Pay For What You Need is software-as-a-service, with flexible subscription plans. This provides affordable access to world-class software and modern psychometrics for smaller organizations that otherwise face cost barriers. Start with the Free plan and upgrade at any time to the Pro plan, which is intended for medium-sized organizations needing item banking or online test delivery.

Need a different arrangement or enterprise license? Just email us.

What you get Free Pro Enterprise
Max users 1 3 No max
Item banking 500 No max No max
Automated item generation Yes Yes Yes
Item review with custom workflow Yes Yes Yes
Export/print tests Yes Yes Yes
Online test delivery (with or without lockdown browser) No Yes Yes
Examinee management and reporting No Yes Yes
Computerized adaptive testing (CAT) No No Yes
APIs No No Yes
Essay marking module No No Yes
Automated psychometric reporting (Iteman) Limit 100 examinees Limit 100 examinees Yes
Support None Email Email/Phone/Slack
Annual cost $0 $2,995 Contact Us
Cost per test delivered N/A Contact Us Contact Us

Iteman is a system for automated psychometrics using classical test theory. In the past, it has been a standalone product installed on a local PC. It is now part of the platform so that users can leverage the automation, but you can also purchase Iteman by itself if that is all you need. Contact us for academic discounts.

What you get Iteman Pro Iteman Enterprise
Examinees N<5,000 N<500,000
Annual cost $995 $4,995

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